Playing Original & Traditional Blues in North Carolina Triangle Area
Plus a Wide Variety of Music
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Smart Alec Blues:  I enjoy songwriting & singing blues songs. My playing style is a bit jazzy and Classic Rock as well I like doing traditional blues songs.

Guitar & Modern Blues harmonica : I play acoustic electric guitar, and I play chromatic as well as diatonic harmonica.

Jazz Harmonica etc.: Please visit for my Jazz & other types of Harmonica recordings

Shoot me an email if you would like some great entertainment or just want to say hello:, (617)-943-9034

Smart Alec Harmoniica AlbumNew Album (Jazz and Some Blues Visit: for details

Smart Alec Blues (Original Recorded Songs)

The Blue Note Blues  (On my new album)

Big Band Harmonica Blues (Robert Hatfield) (On my new album)

Mental Illness Psycho Blues Song

A song about the struggles of people with severe mental illness set in a somewhat hard blues tone.

Angels Looking Down (On my new album)

True Lovin' Blues (On my new album)

Why Do I got the Blues?  

Stormy Monday (T-Bone Walker, Harmonica Blues Solo with Guitar)(On my new album)

Since I Fell for You  (Blues Style Harmonica Solo) (On my new album)

Comin' Home Baby (Ben Tucker)(On my new album)

Other original blues songs (not available yet) include:

Rebel Without A Cause Blues

Rock Bottom Blues

Elvis' Blue Swede Shoes

Jute Box,

Holy Crossroad  Blues

Say Hey

It's All About Me


Smart Alec Playing for Change (all originals)

Hey Congressman Joe, I Heard You Shot Gun Control Down (Links coming soon)

Boarders (links coming soon)

Step Up and Keep the World a Beautiful Place (SmartAlec Original)

Mental Illness Psycho Blues Song



Some of my Favorite Covers

Stormy Monday

Bring it to me


Amazing Grace

Walk On

Crossroads (Classic Rock Blues)

Can't Find My Way Home (Classic Rock Blues)

Sweet Home Chicago (Blues Brothers)

Studio Quality Solo Harmonica (Diatonic & Chromatic)




More Coming Soon...


Smart Alec Harmonica 


Contact: Smart Alec, (617) 943-9034 or email:,